Lunch with the JEA President

Noon–1:50 p.m. Friday, April 7
Application deadline: March 15

Lunch with the President is an opportunity for student journalists to meet with JEA’s president for a conversation about student media. With a chance to practice journalism, network with other students, report on the state of scholastic journalism and share ideas or agenda items coming from their own student media programs, participants will enjoy a complimentary lunch. The special event is a multiway conversation to provide a meaningful experience connecting students from media programs around the country.

During lunch in the JEA suite, students will have the president’s attention for ideas and suggestions related to student and adviser needs in scholastic journalism. Students are encouraged to produce some kind of piece based on the interview for their publication. JEA will promote the finished pieces on the organization’s website and social media accounts.

Selection: Students may apply individually or with one partner from their school. JEA leaders will select up to 10 students total to participate based on their answers to two essay questions on the online application. Students will be notified by March 25 via email.

Apply online here.

Questions? Contact JEA Vice President Sarah Nichols at